Paralysis Treatment

Ayurvedic Paralysis Treatment

We are serving humanity with Ayurveda for the treatment of paralysis over 59 years.
Paralysis is treatable with the advent of latest Ayurvedic Research Medicine. Dr. Dassan’s Ayurvedic Neuro Centre is reputed for successfully treating paralytic patients for the last 59 years. Satisfactory results over thousands of patients suffering from C.V.D. (Cerebral Vascular Diseases) or Stroke (Paralysis).Besides improving speech disorders associated with C.V.D. (Dysphasia, Dysarthia), it also revives speech defects and other neuorological disorders. This medicine is safe and very effective for Monoplegia, Hemiplegia, Para-Plegia, Di-Plegia and Facial Palsy spinal disorders etc. This medicine also reduces cholestrol.

Best Paralysis Treatment

Bodywalk oil provides promt relief in painful joints, low backache and other painful conditions of musculo-skeletal origin. it is also effective in itching and burning sensations due to urticaria insect bites and mild infections.

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The natural ingredients in brainon capsules helps in improving mental status, enhances memory span and concentration ability on long term basis. Brainon capsules treat neurological disorders. Brainon capsules diminish the concentration level of tribulin.

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we have been providing effective treatment of paralysis with patent ayurvedic medicines or most effective product in paralysis treatment is SELFON Neuro Capsule. Selfon neuro capsules have a direct effect on central nervous system.

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