Joints Pain

Dr. Dassans Bodywalk Capsule & Oil Provides immediate relief in painful joints, stiff joints, low backache and other painful conditions of musculo-skeletal system. It is also effective in itching and burning sensations due to urticaria, insect bites and mild infections. People often do not get solutions for joints pain, swelling and consequently rely on drugs (pain killers) which could damage kidney & liver. When the problem gets worse, it leads to obesity which is a serious problem and a major cause for other diseases like bp, sugar, heart and other chronic diseases. In Ayurvedic Shastras, more than 100 herbs have been mentioned for rheumatic joint pain. Dr. Dassans Bodywalk Capsule & Oil is made up of more than 100 herbs and contains the most active part, which gets penetrated deep into the skin and helps in generating cartilage. Oral ayurvedic medicines have a direct impact on “Vata”, and it comprises of the active part of more than 28 of the extract tested herbs which are effective and safe.

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