Epilepsy & Brain Disorders

Dr.Dassan ayurvedic treatment has been giving effective results in curing the patients suffering from epilepsy across India. The two products that work wonders on epilepsy are Brainon and Selfon.

  • Epilepsy is a disease that occurs due to the weakness of the brain.
  • There are many herbs present in nature for the stimulation of the brain which is not provided by the allopathic medicines.
  • This herbal medicine is made from natural herbs and treated through special extraction process.
  • In allopathic medicines, there is no permanent treatment for epilepsy, infact patients get dependent on medicine for long time. Allopathic medicine produces sedation in the body which is not good for brain and thus makes brain weak.
  • Self on helps in maintaining blood circulation and gives power to brain which help in the transmission of message to brain.
  • Brain on helps in stimulating the brain cells.
  • After the intake of medicines for 2 months, the patient recovers a lot and can get rid of fits. Regular intake of medicine will make the patient rid of epilepsy permanently.
  • It also cures stress, strain, aggressiveness and enhances the memory.

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