Blood Pressure

Bp Flow – Ayurvedic BP Treatment

High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) is known to elevate the pressure of the blood in the arteries. The Hypertension can be attributed to many factors i.e. Age, Sex, Diet, Family History, Mental and Physical Activities etc. Besides, when the toxins are deposited in the heart channels, it narrow the lumen of arteries thereby the blood has to exert more pressure for circulation which results in Hypertension. Moreover, negative thinking, Stress, Anxiety and obesity and lack of exercise also add upto this condition. Normal Blood Pressure of healthy adult should be 120mm Hg systolic and 80mm Hg Diastolic. Any major variations should not be ignored as the same may proof hazardous.

Blood Pressure Treatment

Dr. Dassan ayurvedic treatment has been successful in treating the patients suffering from blood pressure whether it’s high blood pressure or low blood pressure. Bp flow is a ayurvedic medicine that controls blood pressure (Ayurvedic BP Treatment).

  • Bp flow reduces BP in 10 to 20 minutes. After 20 minutes of intaking medicine, do check your blood pressure and you will see the results on your own.
  • This medicine contains best selected herbs and made by special extraction process.
  • It improves the functioning of heart, brain and kidney and also relieves the stress, strain, insomnia (sleeplessness) and it also enhances the memory.
  • This ayurvedic medicine does not have any adverse effect and also cures the blood pressure permanently.
  • It lowers the high blood pressure only and does not alter the normal blood pressure.
  • It is a non habitual medicine and helps in attaining relaxation and proper sleep.

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